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Are you a Nephrologist with a passion for value-based care?


If so, here's why you should join K.Care IPA:

  • Increased Reimbursements


  • Increase Patient Base

  • Access to a Risk-Pool Revenue

  • Greater Autonomy of Care Provision

  • Streamlined Documentation Process

Ready to join? Here's how you can become a Contracted Collaborator:​

  1. Complete a cover letter addressed to K.Care IPA with your name, specialty, practice address, phone and fax.

  2. Complete an IRS W9 form.

  3. E-Mail both completed pages to:

Once both your cover letter and W-9 forms are received and reviewed, we will mail you credentialing paperwork for your review and signature.


Fill out completely and mail back to Provider Relations Department at: 
3870 Killroy Airport Way, Suite 530

Long Beach, CA 90806

Our Provider Relations team will then get back to you for any necessary next steps.

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