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About Us

K.Care IPA was founded to develop a team of dedicated Kidney Specialists (i.e. Nephrologists) to alleviate the burden of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Our physicians work closely and compassionately with our members to ensure that kidney health is an integral part of their wellness story. With kidney disease and innovative new treatments both on the rise, K.Care IPA is uniquely positioned to deliver the thoughtful, committed care you deserve.

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In order to ensure radical excellence in quality of care, our Nephrologists are chosen from an exclusive pool of providers. Our criteria are based on ESRD quality and reporting metrics and the demonstrated skill of the provider among others. 

This consortium brings to K.Care IPA collective and deep expertise in whole-body wellness, plus efficient and effective patient care of the kidney disease patient.


Our passion is raising awareness of the critical importance of kidney function to overall health. 

K.Care IPA provides Chronic Kidney Disease population health style programing to managed care organizations including (but not limited to) HMOs, PHOs, ACOs, and Full-Service IPAs.

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